Business development can be many things to different people.  For us, business development is about growing and building for long-term value, keeping solid relationships with clients, staff, partners, and providers, and reaching and penetrating the markets where our clients (and their clients) live now and want to live going forward.

Room to Grow

Songmasters now focuses our business development services to work with mid-size and small enterprises,  a key market sector often priced out of quality marketing, branding, communications and production services. We bring our own broad expertise with larger clients to bear in helping scaled enterprises – including mid-size and small businesses, foundations, and non-profits – to grow, thrive, and sustain their operations through development,  transition and well beyond. We keep the cost of these services lean, the selection of services both comprehensive and as needed, and our work targeted on our client’s goals.

No Cookie Cutters

Our clients vary in the starting points of their business development conversations with us and the results they hope to achieve in the long and short term.  Songmasters is organized to be agile, practical, and focused. We are skilled in every step of the business development process –  from strategic planning to  business model  analysis, from brand and image refinement to making pitch-perfect presentations, from financial review to advising on capitalization, from PR to gaining traction on and off line, from benchmarking metrics to tracking progress over time –  and every business development step in between.

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