For the Love of Music And More

Songmasters’ roots are in music.  We produce music for the listening pleasure of the music-loving public.   We use music to promote the work of our clients, to support good causes, and to encourage the development of musical talent in the next generation of performers.  And we distribute music internationally so that great trademark musicians are heard worldwide.

Working With the Best, For the Best

Songmasters is selective in our music services.  Our work in music reflects on our clients, on our partners and on Songmasters, so we want to make sure that everyone who listens to or sees what we create together loves this music, too.   Our partner credits in live and recorded music and broadcasts speak for themselves.  We work with an unparalleled array of talent –  whether executive, production, performing, technical or distribution. As a result, our music services are widely heard, enjoyed, shared and remembered.

We Do It All

Songmasters can provide every form of service in music production and performance. This includes:

  • Major Events –  Live and recorded
  • Private Events –  Live
  • Production Services –  Audio and video, live and broadcast
  • Licensing and Distribution – Domestic and international
  • Branding and Marketing – For any type of performance music product from design to digital and physical product, social media, web presence and more

If there is a music performance or production service you need, please contact us to find out how Songmasters can make it happen.

We believe in truth in advertising: we don’t do A&R.

Partner Credits