Founded in 1994, Songmasters is a coalition of senior executives from the worlds of music, film, television, fashion, merchandising, entertainment marketing, brand marketing, communications, philanthropy and civil society.

Music Is Where We Started, But Not Where We Stop

We develop and deliver unique integrated marketing, branding, communications, business development and music production/distribution programs for our diverse clients – from corporations to non-profits, from broadcasters to performers, large and small. We also produce music broadcasts, products and events for our clients and for the music-loving public. Music is where we began: we love music, make music, and use music to serve our clients and our beneficiaries, where and when that makes sense. But we do more.

Where Doing Good Is Good For Business®

This is more than a slogan to us –  it is part of Songmasters’ core mission.

From our founding we have been dedicated to a double bottom line:  doing good work for our clients and doing good works with our clients to benefit their clientele. We focus on our clients’ core business while also offering support to the causes that are important to their clientele.  Every project Songmasters undertakes serves good causes directly or as a beneficiary.

Songmasters has a for-profit mind and a non-profit heart.  Each of Songmasters’ executives, partners and associates have garnered considerable success in our respective careers, and we have each chosen to use this success to add value to the world we live in by adding value to the clients we serve, both for-profit and non-profit. This same success gives us the means and the opportunity to be of help in a world challenged by increasingly complex and difficult problems. Our clients’ business is our first priority. The communities and the people they serve are never far behind.

Results That Make A Difference

As a team, Songmasters’ Partners and Associates use our wide-ranging experience and skill to achieve our clients’ purposes by listening carefully, analyzing rigorously  and working side-by-side with our clients.   We  advance our clients’ business to new levels by use of innovative integrated techniques that more effectively penetrate the clutter of today’s media-saturated environment. We also bring our hallmark perspective to the table –  our own blend of creativity, innovation, energy and sense of possibility.

We invite you to learn more through our website or directly by contacting Songmasters at anytime