The School of Images® was  had reached an important crossroads in its development. Founded  in 1982, its Founding Director entered 2022 seeing the need and the opportunity to re-position SOI to both transform its own leadership and operations for a new century and a new time,  but also to allow its Founder to focus more on writing and speaking that on administering and teaching.  SOI brought in Songmasters to help.

Starting with SOI’s website as the creative opportunity and the structural underpinning for operational re-organization, Songmasters re-invented the look, feel and messaging of SOI.  From new logos to inspiring graphics, from publication of new books to significant presence in radio, podcasts and public speaking opportunities, from community-building to logistical and tech support –  and much more –  Songmasters has helped SOI establish itself for the next 40 years or more of its future.

About the School of Images

SOI is now a New York-based institute and global network of study centers that guide us to use the power of dream images and imagination for transformational purposes. Grounded in the ancient Kabbalah of Light, SOI integrates ancient wisdom and teachings with modern Western knowledge and techniques to catalyze creative manifestation at all levels, in all areas of life, including personal, professional, communal, and global.

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Practices

The techniques taught at the School of Images® are based upon the teachings and practices transmitted through an 800-year long lineage that dates back to Rabbis Isaac the Blind of Provence, France, and Jacob Ben Sheshet of Gerona, Spain in the 13th century. Known as the Kabbalah of Light, the modern lineage holder was revered kabbalist and teacher, Colette Sheshet Aboulker-Muscat.

Dr. Shainberg draws on more than 10  years of study and and 20 years of collaboration on the Kabbalah of Light in Jerusalem with Colette, her spiritual mother, as well as on her own lifelong scholarship.  From this,  Dr. Shainberg adapted these ancient methods to meet the needs and knowledge of our contemporary world.

The result is the School of Images® and the life-changing techniques it offers such as Saphire® Imagery, DreamOpening® and other unique, powerful methods for creating transformational dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious. This work has helped thousands of students and private clients over the years in the US and at SOI’s international locations.

Becoming Co-Creators With the World

In the tradition of Kabbalah of Light teachings, this work is experiential. There is no direct study or analysis of ancient text. This work is pure Kabbalah, which means “receiving.” It is an experience where one “receives” through inner gazing, an exploration of the imaginal field using a universally understood language – the language of dreams and images. It reveals to us our own inner light of creation and shows us that we are, indeed, co-creators with the world.

It does not require one to be Jewish, know Hebrew, have faith of any kind or abide by any specific dogma. It is a methodology accessible to everyone and is as powerful and clear as any scientific technique one might draw upon.

How Saphire® Imagery Works

Saphire® Imagery, the unique form of exercises developed by Catherine Shainberg, uses short, quick and distinctive imaginal exercises that push aside the chattering mind to allow us to plunge into the subconscious. This inner gazing permits us to access our inner truth, which is revelatory and transformative, and opens up the dialogue of our conscious mind with the subconscious. To do this one doesn’t use words. Instead, one uses images.

Our images reveal truths about ourselves to ourselves. Every aspect of life as we explore it this way changes because it bypasses our thinking minds – our egos, really – to free us to see and live in the truth of who we are. It creates an altogether different kind of dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious that changes the way we experience ourselves and our lives, and how we engage with others as a result.

How SOI Works

The techniques used by SOI can be quick and the impact can be instantaneous. But like all profound traditions, the work takes practice. SOI works with students who wish to become teachers and practitioners, and with individuals interested in self-development, to practice and master these techniques meaningfully, effectively, respectfully and responsibly.

SOI offers programs in Saphire® Imagery for teaching and practice; DreamBirth® certification programs; classes, workshops, and special events; private sessions; and consultations with groups and organizations. We offer programs in NYC and many other parts of the world, both in person and online.  All offerings are presented in English and translated into the local language of the hosting SOI international school.

The School of Images is a unique setting to explore the power of imagery, dreams and the deep use of imagination for manifestation and transformation. Through classes, workshops, events, private sessions, practitioner referrals, and other resources, SOI integrates ancient wisdom and modern practices, techniques and tools for all to use in creating the life of our dreams.