Our People

Founded in 1994, Songmasters is a coalition of senior executives from the worlds of music, film, television, media and technology, fashion, merchandising, entertainment marketing, brand marketing, communications, philanthropy and civil society.  Each of Songmasters’ partners and associates has achieved considerable success in our respective careers. As a team, we use this experience and skill to accomplish a simple task: to create a double bottom line for our clients that benefits their core mission while also offering support to the causes that are important to their clientele.

Our individual and collective success has given us the skills and the opportunity to advance our clients’ business to new levels by use of innovative targeted marketing techniques that penetrate the clutter of today’s media-saturated environment. This same success also gives us the means and the opportunity to be of help in a world challenged by increasingly complex and difficult problems in our communities, whether local or global.

The bios of our Executive Partners, Partners and lead Associates can be found here.