Andrea Beach

Technology Solutions

Andrea Beach is a global authority on mobile technologies that evoke action form consumers. She is the Founder and CEO of BeachFront Technologies (BFT), which specializes in transformative technology solutions for some of the world’s largest brands, such as Viacom, AT&T, UPS, WarnerBrothers, and Coca-Cola.  Beachfront is proud to be affiliated with Songmasters. 

BFT’s deep subject matter experts create  strategic solution plans  (usually a combination of existing and new technologies), working  alongside Songmasters to achieve the desired results. Areas of expertise include:  Location-based Marketing, Gamification, Behavioral Modeling, Personalized Communications, Sponsor Activations & Crowd/Fan Engagement, Cashless Payments, Mobile Ticketing & Event-based Technologies, Retail and Loyalty Solutions, and Mixed Reality Experiences.

Think of BFT as a Special Ops Team for Songmasters’ army of capable foot soldiers, advancing achievement of our goals through next-generation technologies, combined to work together in just the right way to achieve our custom results. 

Andrea and Beacfront will be working closely with Songmasters to develop an unprecedented digital portal for the delivery of all educational, civic and entertainment components and materials of The American Road®, Songmasters’ groundbreaking initiative.