Communication used to be simple.  Not anymore.

While human nature hasn’t changed, human communications have become increasingly fast and complex.  We focus on simple, human messaging in a complex communications and media environment.  We specialize in finding the intersections where ideas and feelings meet experiences and products to penetrate the clutter of modern marketing and brand communications.

You are unique.  We are too.

Songmasters creates unique marketing and branding for our clients to scale their business and to target, capture, retain and expand the demographic audiences they seek.  In a world where 80% of online content is user generated and where almost all traditional media reach leads to digital confirmation, we aim to generate buzz about our clients’ mission, purposes, products and services.  We help our clients to refresh their presence or create a new one by working together to understand their authentic “brand voice” and to build peer-to-peer interest through humanized, trustworthy communications.

We are serious so you can have some fun.

While we are really serious about our work, we aim to develop marketing and brand communications that are fun, have personality, look fantastic and  have a heart.  We also engage our clients’ clients in making real contributions to their relationships with each other, that is, in bringing what our clients offer and what their clients want and value closer together.

We work with our clients to get the results they want.

We bring exceptionally talented people and every relevant digital and traditional tool to work for our clients – from logo design to complete re-branding of name, look, and messages; from website design to social media management;  from advertising, events, broadcasts, and promotions to products and PR; from strategic plans to business plans.  Our custom-designed fully integrated marketing and brand communications programs:

  • Dimensionalize our clients’ existing media spends
  • Have direct, incremental impact on revenue generation
  • Yield significant public relations value
  • Offer significant support to good causes that relate to our client’s current philanthropic initiatives and to causes their clients care about